Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IM BACK!!!! Time to POST.

After a long weekend of Fun...( for those who dont know, I spent the weekend in New York). I got a chance to check out a couple stores, meet new people, experience some of the cool things about life in the big city. I had a great time, Thank You Courtney for showing me around and of course I love you. Courtney introduced me to a few to her friends, they were super cool. Francis, lol This ni**a Francis, dope. What up Doe? He gave me the name PHILLIONAIRE, has a great ring to it. I got a chance to check out the BBC store and KID ROBOT. They were dope, KID ROBOT had too many toys for me, lol. I ate a POP BURGER. It was a great burger spot with a classy touch. The most random part about POP BURGER is that it had a PORN ROOM. It was a small booth with a curtain, I bullshit you not, behind the curtain was a small sitting area and a small TV, with the old school porn on. lol. The Porn had to be from the 70's. It was funny tho. I checked out 5th ave and all the high end spots. Gucci, Armani Exchange, Lacoste, Cole Haan, Diesel, H & M, Rolex, and many more. The two spots I was most impressed with was Saks Fifth and Juicy Couture.Remember, this was my first time to NY, When I think Saks, I think its a high end Macy's. I was not ready for a TEN FLOOR banger. All the high-end sneakers you can think of, check. All the Toy Watchs in crazy colors, check. It was dope. I will not wear Juicy Couture, but i was more impressed with its presentation. Very Clean
Back to Blogging. Its time for some new post. I was away from the computer the whole weekend, too busy caking. I did not get a chance to really check out whats been going on in the blog world.
Starting off with CLIFF NOTES. What Up Cliff? He never let me down, I know if I missed a couple days I can find the scope on the sneaker world, music world on cliff blog. you already know.

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