Friday, March 27, 2009

Delon Robinson X Freshman Clothing Company

Just a little history on Delon Robinson. Its actually a funy story. About a year ago, Im riding down Harper, "middle of the hood on the eastside of Detroit. I see this skinny black kid with the classic Checker Hi-Top Vans, Back Pack, Fitted Hat, and I believe he had on this sick Rolling Stones tee with the tounge out. Im thinking to myself, I need to meet this guy. I make a U-Turn and pulled up on my dude. I know he was thinking...Who the fuck is this?
Just so happen I had my shirts with me, I had the Classic All black and white Freshman tee on.
After a few minutes of introducing myself as owner of this new dope clothing line titled FRESHMAN CLOTHING COMPNAY, it was all love. Delon has been skating with Freshman ever since.

All the photos below were taking by, KENYON RUDDS.

Check out some of his work on his facebook page, KENYON RUDDS

Here a few pics from the Delon X Freshman Series


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