Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Pics From Christmas Break/ New Years

Not the Pic of Lady but she is most def part of the family.

And you already know. This is my God Daughter Laila. She is the Queen. lol

Silly Tish.
I could not talk about Christmas without mentioning my bestfriend. lol This is LaTisha Winn and above is Laila and Lady. The three L's of my life.

Soooo, Later on that evening I run into a old friend. lol This is my dude Dennis" FatBoy" Williams. He lives out in VA now, he was home for the break. Funny Dude. Good times.

lol I had to take a pic of just me, lol PHILLY FRESHMAN was in the palace dressed as a CHAMPION.

Lil Cuz Chef Poo! What Up?

What up Hop? I got you man. Shouts out to Urban Innovators. Big things coming in "09"

I know, I know, The photo above is mad suspect, "pause", But hey, lol i had a good time.

So I get a call from my dude Swag Hops, He tells me had an extra ticket to the Pistons Game New Years Day. I had a great time. The Pistons won but the flow of the game was kinda laid back. Not that many fastbreaks, dunks or crossovers. But we got the W. Thanks Hops

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