Monday, December 1, 2008


Founded on September 2008 by the notorious Princesss of Gold: Mimy Kiwi and Vicky Vegas. LipsticKilla is a clothing label designed by two shameless women made to inspire women everywhere to embrace individuality and their mistakes. Making mistakes and confronting evils is what makes a person strong and whole, this is the constant theme within each unique piece.

LipsticKilla (n.): One who breaks social barriers, rejects gender norms, takes risks and embraces personal growth. Whether in relationships, having fun, writing, art or fashion, a LipsticKilla is fearless in making mistakes, conquering her evils. She knows her true worth and never settles for less than she deserves.

Mimy Kiwi (Miho)Co-President, Chief Executive of Design

Vicky Vegas (Victoria Shen)Co-President, Chief Executive Officer

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Mimy and Vicky said...

OMG!! awww thank youuu philll <3