Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An ok line

Cut & Sew Line
Spring 2009

Purple Flannel. Looks like metal buttons.

Alright Hundreds, what else you got?

Purple Tee

Really not digging this. I mean I'm a big fan of cut & sew just because the hard work, but its not for me.

Purple Button-Up. Not bad

Cardigan hoodie? What is this?

Another Button-Up

Hoodie. This is probably my favorite in the line. Looks pretty good.

Oh Never mind, this is my favorite.

Black Hood

Dope Dope. Jacket with the green plaid.

Jean Jacket

Striped pants? shorts?

I really hope these are shorts, because they" re="" pretty="" dope="">

Grey Jeans

Dope Jeans. I'm feeling the red and yellow stitching. Good Job Hundreds

Some hats.

I like these. We'll have to see what they're like in person...

It's not terrible.

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