Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The last couple weeks have been crazy. I admit, I have been slippin on updating the blog.

Alot of things has been going on.

Starting off I gotta give shouts out to my sister Erikka. Erikka is home for the break, I can't believe it, in college and all, all grown up. " Crazy" Im so proud of you, if you are reading this.

Speaking of sisters, Shouts out to ERIC LOWRY and is Lil Sis BONNIE. Thats my Fam all day.

Big Things are coming up for Freshman Clothing Company. New Business Cards coming very soon. Eric and I are Working on some dope designs for new Crew Necks and Hoodies.

For all of the Ladies, Fresher is should have its first shipment around Christmas.

I look forward to eating this week. lol I know that sound like a fat guy but I am sure my Granny and my Uncles will put something together nice.

I look forward to seeing my family, this should be a great weekend.

Happy Turkey Day Everyone.

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