Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's a MOVEMENT!!!

Vision Statement:

Urban Innovators is a group of professionals and paraprofessionals focused on incorporating the use of innovative methods to revitalize urban Detroit through education, athletics, the fostering of life skills, and social guidance. UI spotlight integrating brotherly and sisterly bonds through minority awareness and discipline.

Mission Statement:

To increase productivity interaction and interpretation in youth potential, with the expectation that all participants will successfully acquire skills and confidence conducive to overcoming road blocks in today's society. We will strive to instill a strong desire to be successful in life, the professionalism to transition into mainstream society, and a philanthropic temperament which will in turn give the participant the ability to use these values to achieve success in every facet of human endeavors.

So WHO is Urban Innovators??

Urban Innovators is comprised of young African-American college graduates, and undergraduates who have been raised through out Metro Detroit and have matriculated through its educational system and have recognized the need for supplemental education. Urban Innovators will incorporate police officers, certified teachers, churches, businesses and parents into its infrastructure to ensure that the children receive quality guidance. UI is a non-profit organization…

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