Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GO SKATE DAY!!! JUNE 21st 2008

Flyer after a day of Rain, Looks dope tho, Freshman All Day...
Luke from Oakland Vert

Owner and Founder of Freshman Clothing with Benard Kilpatrick.

Freshman Skateteam, River Days 008, and of course Captain Jack Sparrow

Shouts out to Cliff ,Whats Good Delon?

Let me explain what's going. The two extra Adults in the photo's were a little drunk lol but caused no harm. Spider Man lol

Scooter Flying.

This Guy in the black was so drunk but he was cool tho.

Derek Flying

Derek Fuller.

Scooter and his Dad Scott, One of the Coolest Fathers Ever. What's Up Scott?

Scooter and Derek chillin

What else can I say ...Its Scooter!!!

lol Derek Fuller showing that scars and pain comes with the game.

Dave Elloit, Great Kid, Shouts out to Elvis and Mike G

Eric Lowry

Eric Lowry Rocking the new Freshman Tee with the OH SO CRISPY Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique New Era Fitted Cap, Step Your Game Up Haters Freshman and Burn Rubber ALL DAY!

Scooter, Derek, Matt, Dave, Josh and Daniel
YOOOOOO, Hello to all the FRESH KIDS out there!
hank You for checking out www.FRESHMANCLOTHING.com
Here at Freshman Clothing we believe in being Fresh.
We live by one rule, Be Fresh or Be nothing at all.
Check out some of the photos from GO SKATE DAY!

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He Makes Me Phaint! said...

It is with great pleasure that I leave the first comment about this incredible clothing line. All the pics look good and the kids look great out there doing their thing. I love the variety of colors and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for all us FRESH folks out here! So, what other events you got coming up? Maybe I can come check out the Freshman SkateTeam in person.